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All guards of DISSI have undergone a training program, to improve their skill and technical know-how, instill discipline and to develop a high sense of responsibility.

Specialized training courses on un-armed defense tactics, traffic management, civil disturbance and crowd control, first aid and evacuation technique, fire prevention and control, weapons and marksmanship training, among others are regularly scheduled and conducted.

Selected Security Officers and guards of DISSI assigned at the Peninsula Manila Hotel have undergone the HERT (Hotel Emergency Response Team) Course to prevent bringing to a successful conclusion any attempt of the following threat models of Workplace Violence, Armed Criminal Banditry and Terrorism that may affect the hotel premises and guests. Immediate action is needed to preclude loss of lives and property in these identified events that have actually happened in the country.

Every weekend all Security Officers and Guards performed the Tonfa training, Un-armed Self Defense and Army Dozen Exercises as scheduled. Annually, a team from the DISecurity Operation section visit their respective detachments/places to conduct the Annual Physical Fitness Test. They will be graded on their proper performance of the Push-up, Pull-up, Sit-up and 100 meters dash-run.

Every third quarter of the year, a team from the DISecurity Operation section gave the Annual Written Examination on Security Guard's Creed, Eleven (11) General Orders, Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

K-9 Services

We at DI Security like to ensure our clients are provided with the most complete and reliable service in security. If our customers require or feel the need of security assistance Dogs that are well trained in explosives and illegal carry detection, then we may also provide this in closely working with one of our sub-contracted companies.

Rest assured that all Security Canines that work with us are highly capable and carefully looked after by their respective handlers.